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2017 National Conference Complete Audio Collection Disc


Multiple Authors

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Event Topic
A Contemplation of Memory

When and Where
July, 2017; Austin, TX

Ralph Wood, Andrew Pudewa, Andrew Kern, Wes Callihan, Christine Perrin, and many more


ANDREW KERN: A Contemplation of Memory

RALPH WOOD: The Tales Worth Remembering: J.R.R Tolkien & Not Turning Back From the Quest

ANDREW PUDEWA: By Heart: The Goodness of Memory

CHRISTINE PERRIN: Why, What, and How Poetry Remembers

WES CALLIHAN: Memory Eternal

Breakouts Andrew Kern, Wes Callihan, Ralph Wood, Christine Perrin, Matt Bianco, Andrew Pudewa, Martin Cothran, Cindy Rollins, Joshua Gibbs, Brian Phillips, Greg Wilbur, Carol Reynolds, Adam Andrews, Daniel Coupland, Tim Mcintosh, Angelina Stanford, Peter Vande Brake, Timothy Bartel, Heidi White, Joshua Leeland 

ALSO INCLUDED:  Two panel discussions 

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