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2017 Colorado Springs Regional Conference Complete Audio Collection (Disc)


Multiple Authors


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Event Topic
Sapienta et Virtus

When and Where
Oct 20-21; Colorado Springs

Andrew Kern, Tim McIntosh, Wes Callihan, Greg Wilbur, Heidi White, Matt Bianco


Andrew Kern – Christ, The Wisdom of God

Tim McIntosh – The Story of the Migration 

Wes Callihan – The One Thing Needful


Greg Wilbur – Virtue: The Struggle for Simple Fidelity 

Heidi White – Teaching with Lady Wisdom: How the Personification of Wisdom in Proverbs Impacts Everything About Education and Discipleship

Matt Bianco – Escaping the Cave: A Metaphor for Wisdom

Tim McIntosh – The Ancient Future: A Purposeful Education in a Pluralistic Society

Greg Wilbur – Wisdom: Do, Or Do Not. There is No Try

Matt Bianco – The Mind of Christ and the Church and the Getting of Virtue