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2016 National Conference Complete Audio Collection Disc


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Event Topic
A Contemplation of Home

When and Where
JULY, 2016; Charleston, SC

Peter Leithart, Andrew Pudewa, Andrew Kern, Christopher Perrin, Sarah Mackenzie, and many more


ANDREW KERN: A Contemplation of Home

JOHN HODGES: Pliny’s Platitude: What Exactly is Home?

PETER LEITHART: God’s house and Your House

VIDEN GUROIAN: At Home in The Wind and the Willows

ANDREW PUDEWA: The Idea of a Village

Breakouts Sarah Mackenzie, Vigen Guroian, Christopher Perrin,Tim McIntosh, Martin Cothran, Andrew Kern, Angelina Stanford, James Daniels, Debbie Harris, Greg Wilbur, Martin Cothran, Brian Phillips, Heather shirley, Matt Bianco, John Hodges, Andrew Pudewa, Leah Lutz, Peter Leithart

ALSO INCLUDED:  Two panel discussions and two bonus lectures from Christopher Perrin

Please note: this disc is a data disc and will therefore not play in a traditonal CD player. You can, however, drag all the files to a computer and upload to an audio player or mobile device for easy listening. It also will play in most mp3 playing devices.