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How to Start a Classical School?

Classical education has grown so much in the last twenty years, but it is also ancient. At the CiRCE Institute, we are committed to discovering what is common to all classical educators so that we can better understand classical education itself. 

What is Classical Education? 

Classical Education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty by means of the seven liberal arts and the four sciences.  

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How Do We Teach Classically?  

There are two modes of instruction: the MIMETIC and the SOCRATIC. 

Mimetic Instruction applies the Christian classical idea that humans learn and become virtuous by imitation. 

Socratic Instruction is the dialectical process of examining an idea by “deconstructing” it to find weaknesses and inconsistencies in one’s understanding, and then “reconstructing” it to clarify or purify one’s understanding. 

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What Do We Teach?  

The Trivium 

The Quadrivium 

The Natural Sciences 

The Human Sciences 

The Philosophical Sciences 

The Theological Sciences 

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