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LTW II Online Course
LTW Level II & Shakespeare
10:00 AM
11:30 AM
Christy Jones
Christy Jones

This course picks up where LTW Level One course ended and therefore is open only to returning students or those who have spoken with the instructor. Instruction will begin in the fall with a review of Level One material. Then the class will learn to write the Judicial Essay, all while learning and mastering new Topics of Invention, Arrangement tools, and Elocution skills. Level 2 essays will include citations, a focus on the audience, problems of bias, and explorations of justice, laws, evidence, and motive. Students will use the updated Lost Tools Level 2 edition for this course. They will also read and discuss five Shakespeare plays, using the original texts and Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb. Students will also study and discuss significant passages from each Shakespeare play.

Additional Texts:

  • Brightest Heaven of Invention by Peter Leithart: 1885767234
  • The Roar on the Other Side by Suzanne U. Rhodes: 1885767668
Suggested Ages
15 years old and up
Satisfactory completion of LTW I, along with a submitted example of a complete persuasive essay.
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