Georgia, we're bringing our regional conference your way!
2024 FORMA Symposium
January 26
- January 27, 2024
Belmont Abbey College

Friday, Jan. 26 – Jan. 27, 2024,
9am – 4pm.
Lunch will be provided.

FORMA contemplates ancient ideas for contemporary people. We are a community of classical educators and thinkers who seek to better understand the Great Ideas and their influence on contemporary culture.

This year, we have the pleasure of announcing a new FORMA conference called the FORMA Symposium, where thinkers in the classical renewal will meet in person to discuss classical education, Great Ideas, and the future of the classical renewal.


This is unlike the other CiRCE conferences, in that speakers will present peer-reviewed papers, and rather than learning from a few select speakers, all attendees will engage in the work of the symposium by asking questions, presenting ideas, and reviewing each others work. At our first symposium in January 2024, we will explore the theme “logocentrism.” What is the nature of a cosmos centered on and by the logos? What is the nature of truth expressed through the logos? How does our understanding of the logos impact our relationship with truth and therefore all learning? How might a logocentric cosmos dictate the logocentric school? Together, we will seek a richer understanding of the logos in its varied forms and the implications of living within a cosmos ordered by the Logos Himself. Participants are free to define logocentrism as narrowly or broadly as their research and judgement demand.


Each session will consist of 4 presenters and a moderator, in which each individual will present their paper for 12-15 minutes. Once each individual has presented their paper, a moderator will ask questions and then open it up to the audience for Q&A.

The paper will likely be longer by word count than what the 12-15 minute presentation allows. Your presentation should consist of a summary of your main points and main arguments. The feedback you receive from the peer review and the audience at your presentation will help you refine your longer paper for future publication.


If you would like to join the symposium, please submit your papers for review by October 15th, 2023. By submitting a paper, you are also agreeing to review another author’s work. Each author must review at least one other piece in order to qualify for presenting their paper at the symposium. The FORMA Symposium is committed to communal inquiry, to which this peer-review process is essential.

After the symposium, we will select papers for publication in the FORMA print journal. Papers should follow the Chicago Manual of Style. If published by FORMA, all publications are the property of CiRCE Inst.

Please submit your paper and a short bio to with “Symposium Submission” as the title.

Do I have to submit a paper to attend?

No, you can attend the Forma Symposium without submitting a paper.

Confirmed Speakers

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Belmont Abbey College