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CiRCE Scholae Aestivae – Fundamentals of Language Instruction
Professional Development for Latin Instructors
June 24
- June 28, 2024
CiRCE Institute

The CiRCE Institute’s Summer Latin Intensive is designed to provide additional professional development to new teachers or teachers new to the active language classroom. Educators who attend this intensive study under a CiRCE Head Mentor for five days in Kannapolis, NC in the new beautiful facility of the CiRCE Institute.

Participants begin the week with an overview of the history and modes of language instruction. The next four days guide teachers through the activites of teaching Latin actively using all four language faculties: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The day is divided by an instructional morning session followed by lunch at the institute. Participants spend the afternoons practicing the skills studied during the morning sessions.

By the end of the week, each participant will have attended to the principles of active language instruction learning how to study and teach words-in-context.

* Participants can acquire lodging along highway 85. CiRCE’s new facility is located off of exit 63.

Meals: Lunch is provided (breakfast and dinner not included)
Literature:Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata I; Exercitia I; Latine Disco: Nova Exercitia

Registration Fee

Individual: $597

Early-bird: $547 (register by May 1st)

3-5 teachers: $527 ea

6-9 teachers: $497 ea

10 + teachers: $477 ea

Confirmed Speakers

Michael Buck Holler

Director of Consulting

CiRCE Institute

EST time
June 24

Fundamentals of language instruction(Anglice) - Questions / commands and Circling(Latine) - History of Language Instruction, Four Language Faculties, and Words-in-Context  

June 25

Praefatio – pre-reading(Latine) - Dic aliter and Locutiones(Latine) - Vocabulary and Grammar

June 26

Lectio – reading(Latine) - Familia Romana and Fabulae Syrae / Epitome(Latine) - Comprehension and Reading, Listening, Speaking

June 27

Narratio – reviewing and summarizing a text(Latine) - Familia Romana and Fabulae Syrae / Epitome(Latine) - Writing

June 28

Instruction, planning, assessment(Anglice) - Workshop for individual planning; Q/A(Anglice) - Mimetic instruction, Homework, and Curriculum planning