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We've Got News. Big News!

We have a new building!

A generous patron has purchased an amazing building and is selling it to us at an affordable rate, and we couldn’t be more excited. Watch the video above to hear from our founder and President, Andrew Kern, as he explains the opportunities and immediate needs of this new space. 

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For the past nine years the CiRCE Institute headquarters has been located in a building that we outgrew after the fourth year. We’ve made it work, and are thankful to God for the building, but it has had its limitations. It’s been hard for us to host classes or events, the kitchen is very small, most of the staff is sharing offices with multiple people, and we are unable to practice physical hospitality.

Until now . . .  The CiRCE Institute is moving! 

We’re staying close to our hometown of Concord, NC —moving just a handful of miles out into the country. A generous patron has purchased a building (a log cabin) for us that they are then selling to us at a rate that we can afford. The space is nearly 3x bigger than what we currently have and solves the problems listed above (plus more!) and also gives us space to dream about the future.

You have already contributed 65k to our building fund that will cover a large portion of the following upgrades and fixes to the building. THANK YOU!  We are looking for an additional 25k to cover the remainder of the cost.

  1. The entire inside of the building has been repainted
  2. The floors have been replaced
  3. Encroaching overgrown plants have been removed 

  4. Inspection issues are being fixed

  5. New lighting has been installed

Yet to be done:

  1. Drainage and Post Replacement – 3k
  2. Back Door Fire Escape – 5k
  3. Water Filtration System – 3-6k
  4. Fire Suppression System – 10-15k
  5. Garage Door Replacement – 2-4k

  6. ADA Compliant Ramp – 3k
Thank you!
You have filled our hearts with gratitude with every gift from $10 to $10,000!