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April 27, 2011

Let us Attend!

The single most important factor that determines what you become is what you attend to. The faculty and capacity to pay attention is the foundation of all learning, all creativity, and all virtue. Perhaps Simone Weil and Stratford Caldecott put it best in this post by the latter quoting the former at the Beauty in […]

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Profile: “Discovering Music” by Dr. Carol Reynolds

Dr. Carol Reynolds is the author of the music and music history curriculum, Discovering Music: 300 Years in Western, Music, Arts, History and Culture, a program that we whole-heartedly recommend. Dr. Reynolds, who will be speaking at our summer conference in July, agreed to answer some questions about her curriculum and the necessity that music

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Why Teach Classically?

The reason for teaching classically is that it attends to the nature of the child and the nature of learning. When we teach this way we appropriately honor both the child and the subject. Classical instruction accomplishes this by making use of two modes of instruction: Socratic, and what is called Mimetic, which I will

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