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October 29, 2007

My garden blog

Here begins my gardening blog posts. I am keeping this blog because I love the idea of gardening and I believe gardening has an awful lot to teach us about life, but I’m a lousy gardener. So, having resolved to give it another shot, I’m going to keep track of things here and also ask […]

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Beyond Good and Evil II

In this post, I wrote these words: Widespread homosexuality is both cause and effect of social and personal disintegration. More precisely, the gay agenda has already and will continue to wreak moral havoc. It does so by implementing a logic of permission that is untenable, but having been implemented becomes the habitual language of moral

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Coming Wars?

Here’s an interesting speech that a Robert Spencer gave in Belgium about Islam and its attitude to non-Muslims. I don’t know enough about the subject, but this speech would seem to raise concerns that are of historical/political/theological importance. He asks how Osama bin Laden is twisting verses in the Koran and gets no response. Did

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