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October 10, 2007

ISI and the Great Tradition

Jeremy Beers over at ISI generously advanced me a review copy of The Great Tradition. Now they have generously quoted my response on their web site. Take a look – especially at the book! Warning! The contents of this link will change every month or so.

Russell Kirk on Desperate Housewives!

“Most fiction nowadays appears to be written for dirty-minded and naive adolescents, although perhaps most of it is read by middle-aged housewives.” Russell Kirk, The Perversity of Recent Fiction: Reflections on the Moral Imagination in Redeeming the Time. If you have a stake in the future of American politics, literature, education, child-rearing, justice, or freedom …

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Islam, The Greeks, and Science

Islam, The Greeks, and the Scientific Revolution Fascinating read by a “Norwegian conservative” describing why the Islamic world, in spite of its ideal location on the trade and information routes, never achieved a sustained scientific revolution. Published in Assyrian International News Agency.