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2023 National Conference Audio

Conference Audio

Thank you for purchasing the 2023 Conference Audio Collection! Below you will find the talks available to stream.

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01 - A Contemplation of Power by Andrew Kern

02 - The Power of Art by John Hodges

03 - The Power of Art by Dr. Christopher Perrin

04 - The-Power of Beauty or is It Love by Dr. Matthew Bianco

05 - Power and Suffering in Dostoevsky and Homer by Katerina Kern

06 - Ordering Loves — The Power of Music to Cultivate Virtue by Greg Wilbur

07 - The Authority of the Symbol by D.C. Schindler

08 - What is a Beautiful Woman For by Heidi White

09 - The Early Church Fathers and Classical Education by Wes Callihan

10 - Mimesis Power to Calm the Storm by Andrea Lipinski

11 - Power and Ceremony — A Classical School Must Be An Institution by Joshua Gibbs

12 - Poetic Knowledge Panel — Music by Part and Bach by Andrew Kern, Greg Wilbur, Timothy McIntosh

13 - The Symbol of Authority by D.C. Schindler

14 - The Spell of Power — Ahab and Moby Dick by Virginia and Glenn Arbery

15 - Eternity in Our Hearts — Socrates Augustine and Lewis by Wes Callihan

16 - The Roots That Bind Us — The Paradoxical Nature of the Past by Nena Harris

17 - Symbols of Feminine Power — An Exploration of Mary in the Arts by Katerina Kern

18 - To plainness honors bound when majesty falls to folly — Shakespearean Power Play by Dr. Grant Horner

19 - A Classical Vision of Power by Tim McIntosh

20 - Power and Tradition — Sorting Out This Year's Contentious Debate About the Canon by Joshua Gibbs

21 - Blessing Blessedness Beatitude — Their Power According to the Sermon on the Mount and Marilynn Robinson by Christine Perrin

22 - The Socratic Journey — Plato's cave, Coleridge's pretty cot, and Toad's Manor by Buck Holler

23 - That He Might Increase — The Power of a Classical Christian Education by Heather Jennings, Hillary Dotters, Melody Tracy

24 - Lessons from Byzantium — Hearing the Church Fathers In Their Own Words by Monique Neal

25 - Patterns and People by Andrea Lipinski

26 - Exploring the Richness of Cultural Crossroads in Classical Education by Angel Parham

27 - The First Wound — Duty and Desire in the Gender Wars by Heidi White

28 - So Thats What Friends are For by Dr. Matthew Bianco

29 - The Power of Sacrifice — Humility in Leadership by Greg Wilbur

30 - Paideia Prize Acceptance by Dr. Andrew Seeley

31 - Miltonic Power — What is Glory by Dr. Grant Horner

32 - Q&A Panel — Closing Remarks by Andrew Kern, Dr. Christopher Perrin, Dr. Matthew Bianco, Nena Harris