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Conference Audio

Thank you for purchasing the 2022 Conference Audio Collection! Below you will find the talks available to stream.

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A Contemplation of Worlds by Andrew Kern

There are Worlds and There Are Worlds by John Hodges

The Cotton Library—The Great Fire, Beowulf and other Manuscripts, and the Founding of the British Library by Wes Callihan

The Feminine World, The Masculine World: A Somewhat Satisfying Theory of What It Means To Be A Man by Joshua Gibbs

The World of Home: Three Good Things I Did as a Dad by Andrew Pudewa

A New Old World: Classical Christian Education for Veterans and Amateurs by Tim McIntosh

The World of The Garden: A Metaphor for Education by Emily Maeda

How to Read Like a Woman: Julian of Norwich's Hermeneutics by Jessica Hooten Wilson

A Better Story: Meaning-Making in a Meaningless World by Heidi White

The Five Worlds of Man and their Effect on Education by Dr. Matthew Bianco

The Literary World of the Hebrew Bible: Teaching Biblical Literature as Literature by Dr. Justin Jackson

Lessons from Anna Julia Cooper: How a Passionate Heart can Bring Classical Learning to ALL People by Dr. Anika Prather

Poetic Knowledge Panel—Caravaggio's David with the Head of Goliath

Two Literary Worlds by Dr. Matthew Bianco

The Cosmic Mystery of Christ: Imagining Atonement in Medieval Poetry by Dr. Justin Jackson

Narrative of Hope: How Classical Education Helped African Americans Find Their Place in America's Story by Dr. Anika Prather

The Early Church Fathers and the Pagan Classics by Wes Callihan

Enter the Enchanted Forest by Andrea Lipinski

The Narnian World at Home by Renee Mathis

Unearthly Minstrelsy by Buck Holler

The World to Me: Against Headship, Complementarianism, and Every Other Prevailing Theory of Marriage by Joshua Gibbs

Does "the Discarded Image" have anything left to teach? by Andrew Kern

The Divided World: Duty and Desire in Literature and Life by Heidi White

Poetry, Province, and World by Christine Perrin

Cells to Stars: Worlds Within Worlds - Within by Dr. Carolyn Weber

Preparing for Persecution: Defining Identity in a Very Confused World by Andrew Pudewa

The World as Two Kingdoms by Tim McIntosh

Tell the Truth Slant by Jessica Hooten Wilson

“I don’t like this world!” Wrestling With Stories that Make Us Uncomfortable by Renee Mathis

The Medieval Cathedral as the Cosmos by Katerina Kern

Once Upon a Time: The World of Fairy Tales by Andrea Lipinski

The Logos in the World and Word by Christopher Perrin

Q&A Panel

Farewell Comments and Benediction