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A Short Punchy Headline

A salute to Tim McIntosh and his coterie of co-hosts and guests! Tim expertly navigated ALL of Shakespeare’s plays, from the most famous to the lesser-read. Together with his cadre, he brought out lively discussion, interesting theories, astute observations, and hard questions. He shared with his listeners the kinds of things teachers might want their students to notice from a literary perspective, some tips for teaching it from a playwright’s or director’s or actor’s perspective, and some wisdom gleaned from experiences with students.

To do a podcast episode or series on a Shakespeare play or a handful of Shakespeare’s best plays makes for a pretty great podcast—it’s Shakespeare, after all, of course it does! To do an entire podcast, however, on ALL of Shakespeare’s plays is an amazing feat! It’s so rare, it’s inimitable, it’s unsurpassable, but it’s exactly what Shakespeare deserves, and it’s exactly what Tim McIntosh delivered. 

And he did it with such wisdom and care and love—love for Shakespeare, love for the guests, love for teachers, love for parents, love for readers, and love for students.

Our hats off to Tim McIntosh, in celebration of this remarkable feat! If you haven’t listened to The Play’s the Thing, or if you haven’t listened to all of it, you won’t want to miss it. And be sure to listen to even those episodes about the lesser known plays, they are worthy!

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