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Tradition or Revolution: The Fundamental Mindset of Classical Education (or, What John of Salisbury, Elizabeth Bennett, and Dirty Harry Have to Teach Us)


Wes Callihan


Presented at the CiRCE Regional Conference 2021.

NOTE: There were complications with the recording of this audio. Our audio engineer was able to compensate for the complications, but the quality is not quite what it is on the other recordings from this conference. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The ideas of Progress and The Bright Future are at the heart of our modern culture, and they seem to be Good Things. Yet at their very heart they are Revolutionism, and that is the single greatest Error of the modern age, and it is the enemy of Christians and of classical education. We used to think in a radically opposite way, yet now it is the very air we breathe, even as Christians. Where did it come from, why did Old Western Culture inhale it so completely, how does it manifest itself, and what can we do about it?