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Topics of Invention – Webinar Recording
  • Publish Date
    : 2021-01-25


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LTW Topics of Invention - Webinar Recording
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The five common topics presented in Level I are the keys to thinking about everything you will ever write, study, or decide. Learn how the topics are presented early in Level I and unfolded throughout the year to be considered and applied more deeply.

Level I invention tools are not an inferior, beginner’s set of knowledge; they are the essential core of everything we’ll think about forever. They parallel addition in math, how fingers touch piano keys, and where to grip a football. They’re not toy dishes, hammers, or cars that are used for a short time and outgrown.

In Level II, special topics are introduced so that we can think more specifically about judicial (past) decisions. But these special topics (specific to decisions about the past) don’t come out of thin air; they are expansions of the common topics. We will examine how they expand, how they fit together, and how they work.

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