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The Tyrant
  • hardcover
    , 290pages
  • ISBN
    : 9781734785395
  • Publish Date
    : 2023-05-01


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In this third installment of Plutarch translations from the Hicks brothers, the Hicks have paired their new translation of Plutarch’s Life of Caesar with Shakespeare’s popular play Julius Caesar.

Like their previous Plutarch translations, The Statesmen and The Lawgivers, the Hicks provide a wealth of insight through thorough annotations, maps, and diagrams. After decades of studies in Classics, the Hicks shed light on the historical, literary, and linguistic aspects of Plutarch as only expert Classics scholars can.

Alongside Plutarch’s telling of Caesar, the Hicks provide a complete annotated text of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in which they compare Shakespeare’s rendition of Caesar’s life to Plutarch’s, note his sources, and consider the Elizabethan story in light of its classical origins.

Not confined to literature, history, linguistics, or philosophy, this work bridges all these disciplines, making it an exemplary example of the study of Humanities.

We recommend this book for Classics students of all ages.

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