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The Idea of a Village


Andrew Pudewa


In today’s society which is increasingly fragmented and often hostile to faith, many families feel an intense longing—even a desperate need—for authentic community where we can nurture strong homes and families by working together with others who share our values, vision, and priorities. Historically, children were often raised in Christian homes in Christian communities that enabled Christian culture to flourish. Yet now, many of us find it difficult to find such places. While some families have seriously considered “heading to the hills” and gathering for such a purpose, others are looking to exercise this “Benedict Option” in their existing cities and towns, finding ways to recreate something of a village experience within a more urban setting.  This “Village” idea is a paradox: Gathering in distinctly Christian communities empowers us to more easily bring the goodness and beauty of Christian culture into our homes, but community building is a serious challenge, fraught with pitfalls. How and to where might we navigate our families through these rapid cultural changes?