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Symbols in History

Tuesday, October 10, 2023
Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Katerina Hamilton

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This course will explore the use and development of symbols from early pagan mythology to the Modern era, in order to understand the rich symbolic language of Christianity and the western tradition, as well as to correctly identify and interpret those symbols when encountered. We will observe the manner in which humans have always used symbols to express universal truths, and how those truth have spanned time and place. Although focusing primarily on visual art and literature, this course will study diverse artifacts in order to see the flexible manner in which cultures have used symbols. We will particularly note the manner in which early Christians adapted pagan and Jewish symbolism to their own end, and the later use of Christian symbolism in Modernism.

Course Goals: To understand the development of symbols passed down from culture to culture; to better speak the symbolic language all western art and literature is built upon; to train our eyes to see symbols in the arts we encounter. Students seeking a certificate of completion may receive one by doing additional homework, and must notify the instructor before the course begins.

Course Teaching Methods: Each class will be taught mimetically.

Requirements: While designed for adults, students fourteen and above are welcome to participate. There is no prerequisite course.

Weekly schedule:

  1. Pre-Christian symbolism, pagan and Jewish
  2. Early Christian symbolism
  3. Medieval/Byzantine symbolism
  4. Renaissance (Italian) symbolism
  5. Early Modern (Including the English Renaissance)
  6. Modern


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