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Restful Teaching Workshop – Cincinnati, OH


Restful Teaching Workshop - Cincinnati, OH

When: Saturday, October 28; 9am – 4pm ET

Join Buck Holler, CiRCE Certified Teacher, as he presents the five principles of restful teaching. Teaching doesn’t need to be a stressful, intimidating activity. Restful teaching is possible! Topics will include: Restful Teaching (Why restful teaching rises when teaching is oriented toward perceiving truth and Truth); Restful Planning (There are three modes of teaching/learning (the three columns) that enable us to plan restfully); Restful Curriculum (The arts of truth-fishing); Restful Pedagogy (Teaching truth); and Restful Assessment (Evaluating truth perception).

St. Paul Lutheran Church,
5433 Madison Road,
Cincinnati, OH 45227

There will be breaks throughout the day, including a break for lunch.

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