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Perelandra – Webinar Recording


Renee Mathis


Perelandra - Webinar Recording
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Ready for round 2? When last we left our brave hero, Ransom had just returned to earth after the adventure of a lifetime. Or so he thought! He’s about to be taken to another planet, Venus this time, and the fight between good and evil will become more personal. In this webinar we will continue to explore Lewis’ Ransom trilogy, stories which take place in a cosmos teeming with life and wonder. There are more creatures to meet and more medieval ideas to explore. If you are curious what Lewis, the Medievals, and Marie Kondo share in common – please join us!

We will discuss themes of love, temptation, the Fall, and Ransom’s particular duties and discoveries. This webinar is designed to help those who are teaching this book and may not be familiar with it as well as those who are reading for their own enjoyment. Spoiler alert: We will be discussing the entire book, although you do not have to have read it in order to attend.

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