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Liber Amicorum: Essays and Reflections in Honor of Andrew Kern


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In celebration of the 20th National CiRCE Conference and in honor of Andrew’s contributions to the renewal, we present this collection of contemplations from friends, mentors, colleagues, and collaborators.

This collection of essays and reflections on classical education includes contributions from David Hicks, Wes Callihan, Martin Cothran, Joshua Gibbs, David Goodwin, Dr. Matthew Bianco, and more.

“While working on his college thesis, something having to do with ‘classical educa­tion,’ he discovered in his college’s library a book I once wrote on the subject. It is a rare college, I’m sure, that would have this book in its library, and even rarer that someone would stumble upon it. And Andrew resolved to track down the author and have words with him. At least, that’s how I remember the story. Now this alone should tell us almost all we need to know about Andrew. Tenacity is his middle name.” – “Tenacious Andrew,” – David Hicks

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