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2022-2023 TUITION & FEES

Why are we doing this?

>>> $25 early bird discount through March 15th

>>> Sibling/Second Course yearlong class discount: $55

>>> Sibling/Second Course semester long or summer class discount: $20


Semester Long Courses plus Summer Loving the Lovely Courses
$307 + $50 registration fee (Regularly $322 +$75)

To register, the registration fee and the tuition is fully paid in the store at the time of registration.

Summer LTW I course
$487 + $50 registration fee (Regularly $500 + $75)

To register, the registration fee and the tuition is fully paid in the store at the time of registration.

Year Long Courses
$627 + $50 registration fee (Regularly $647 + $75)

To register, students must first apply using the form to the right and pay a $50.00 (non-refundable) application fee, per class, per student. Then, we will contact families with information on setting up a FACTS account to pay tuition either in full or in payments.

Sibling/Multi-Course Discount ($55 for yearlong courses, $20 for semester long courses)
If you register for more than one course or child from your family, you are eligible for a discount on tuition for each additional course or student after the first.

Semester long course example: Families will pay the full tuition and registration fee for each student. After classes begin, we will refund the $20 discount for each eligible student to the same method payment was received.


Yearlong Course example: If you register three children each for a year long LTW I course, you would pay $627 in tuition for the first child, $572 for the second child, and $572 for the third child. If you enrolled two children on two courses each, you would pay $627 for the first child’s first course, $572 for the first child’s second course, and $572 for both of the second child’s courses. The $55 discount applies to either the additional course or the additional child, there is not a double discount for both a second child and the second course. In other words, the second child’s second course would not be eligible for a $110 discount. The discount will be applied to your tuition payments after they are setup in FACTS (described below).

Yearlong Courses Payment Method: Within 2-3 weeks of receiving your application, you will receive an invitation to FACTS, our account invoicing system. Once you have created an account with FACTS, we will approve the account and you will receive an invoice for the tuition. Payments will be made through your FACTS account.

You will receive an email notifying you that we have received your application and that we will be in touch shortly with further details.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Note: All course times are Eastern Standard Time (EST)