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House-Warming Weekend

Your generosity has made me bold

So I’m asking you for “house-warming” gifts to celebrate with us this weekend. (Nov. 3-5)

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Even if you can’t make it on November 3rd, you can still share in our joy.

Below you will see a list of the most pressing needs for our new log cabin (Can you believe it?!) with rough estimates for what we expect each to cost.

If you would like to purchase any one of them as a house-warming gift, or if you would prefer to contribute a part of the total for one of them, please click on the “select cause” dropdown menu, choose the item you would like to purchase or contribute to, and choose the amount of your gift.

Please Note!

1. All gifts are tax-deductible
2. By “purchase”, we mean “pay for”.  You don’t need to go to the store! Just give towards the project you wish and our grateful hands and hearts will take it from there.

1. Windows
– Nine of our windows are cracked and need to be replaced: $2000.

2. Garage Door & Lights – Our garage has many issues: the door is broken, there are no lights, one of the support beams is rotten, and the stone walls are cracking. This is one of our biggest projects: $2500.

3. Refrigerator – New refrigerator: $1000.

4. Stove – Please help me give the team a better stove for better and healthier meals. We will also need to install a new outlet for the stove: $900.

5. Back Door – The back door of our office leaks and the weather proofing needs to be repaired: $300.

6. Water Filtration System  – $500.

7. Fire Suppression System – This is one of our highest priorities since the health and safety of the team is one of my biggest concerns: $10,000.

8. Office Furniture – In our new building, we have more space for new employees. We even have room for remote employees to come back to the office! For this we are grateful. Nevertheless, all of that space and the people who use it need rugs, lighting, decorations, and furniture: $2000.

9. Drainage – Our drains are old and breaking down, so they need to be replaced. The bad drainage is damaging the stone walls in our garage: $2000.

10. Ramp – Our current ramp doesn’t give easy access to our offices. We believe in hospitality first, and we want everyone to feel welcome when they visit: $500.

11. Our Choice – If you would like to make an unassigned gift, this option is for you. We will apply it to any remaining expenses from the projects listed above or to one of the remaining unlisted projects, including kitchen cabinets, staining the new logs, and general repairs. Our estimate for these remaining projects is $15,000.

You have filled our hearts with gratitude with every gift from $10 to $10,000!