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LTW II Online Course
LTW Level II & A Survey of British Adventure and Mystery
2:00 PM
3:30 PM
Kimberly Rethans
Kimberly Rethans

During our survey of British adventure and mysteries we will encounter themes of greed, poverty, self-awareness, and forgiveness. We will experience strong characters that participate in these themes and challenge us to ask whether their actions are justified. Using these characters alongside our Lost Tools of Writing II, students will contemplate justice by learning to write the judicial address. Level II will build upon the common topic tools learned in Level I, so as to equip students to consider evidence, motivation, and laws to determine the appropriateness of punishment. Ultimately, the student will be learning to search for the truth, listen to the opposition, and disagree with respect.

Suggested Ages
14 years old and up
Students must have completed at least 2 years of LTW 1 or received permission from instructor.
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