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The Price of Just Leadership

There is a sweet disposition that wants justice to arise from good intentions and to be executed in a world full of sweetness and harmony. The yearning is for a justice that is never opposed.

The difficulty of establishing justice, however, is that people are not just. They only want justice when they are not treated to advantages. Leaders who really seek justice have to make difficult decisions that lead to people being hurt. Very few people are willing to acknowledge that their pain is consistent with justice. In fact, most people act as if any act that causes them pain is, by definition, unjust. It follows that justice demands first that they be always happy and second that they be avenged on those who hurt them.

Almost nobody knows when a leader is truly just.

The sweet justice that people think they yearn for has the value of a honey stick and is probably rooted in the same appetite that delights in the honey.

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