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Leadership in a time of Crisis: Introduction (II) – Time is not a commodity

I said yesterday that today I would address the matter of discordance. And now I have. But like anybody anywhere, I can’t always do what I intend on a given day.

I used to think that leaders had more control of their time than non-leaders.

What an uninformed thought.

I want everybody to attend every meeting they need to attend. Then I attended a meeting that lasted through another one and well beyond it.

It’s not time. It’s issues. It’s decision-making. It’s communicating. If I had known how important decision-making is when I was a child, I would not have bothered to learn anything that didn’t help me make decisions.

Fortunately, there is nothing that cannot help us, in some way, with our decision-making.

That’s important to me today, because leadership involves decision-making and decision-making is always about resolving discords, bringing harmony to activities and energies and information in such a way that the threats and fears are driven back and the opportunities and hopes are realized. But it has to happen in time.

It’s musical. But I have no more time to dwell on that tonight.

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