Whole School Training Program

Interested in developing the art of teaching in all of your teachers? Not every teacher is prepared to join CiRCE’s Teacher Apprenticeship. We have a plan.

Enroll two of your teachers in the three year long CiRCE Apprenticeship. They will attend two retreats a year, bi-weekly webinars, write monthly essays, assess their teaching and others’, as well as ask and answer questions within a small cohort of dedicated teachers learning under a master teacher.

The first year these two teachers join the Apprenticeship, CiRCE will also come onsite for three consecutive days of consulting in mimetic teaching with the faculty. The second year, the same CiRCE consultant will return for two to three consecutive days of consulting in pedagogy, curriculum, and assessment. The third and final year that your two teachers are in the Apprenticeship they can begin mentoring other teachers in your school while the same CiRCE consultant returns for two to three consecutive days of consulting. The fourth year, the year after their graduation, they can begin an internal apprenticeship for your teachers, your students, your community.