FORMA contemplates ancient ideas for contemporary people. We are a community of classical educators and thinkers who seek to better understand the Great Books and their influence on contemporary literature and the arts.

The FORMA Review, now open for submissions, seeks to shed light on classic texts. Unlike most journals, we review not only the newest books but the most influential books. Today, many of the Great Books have been sidelined, forgotten, or passed over for more “relevant” texts. We hope to return the classic works of the past to the forefront by sharing new reviews of old books.

We also believe excellence and beauty incite imitation, so we look for the influence of the Classics on modern texts and invite reviews of contemporary works that note this influence on both form and content.

While the content of these book reviews may seem unexpected, the form does not; submitted book reviews should follow the standard form of the book review: summarizing the existing conversation on the topic, noting how the book enters into that conversation, analyzing the content, and assessing the success of the author (summary should only be done to the extent that it enables these four). Submissions should be between 1,000-2,000 words.

Please submit your review and a short bio to There is no deadline for submission. By submitting, you are agreeing to allow CiRCE exclusive publication rights to accepted works. Authors maintain the copyright to their own work.

Katerina Kern