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Children’s Stories: Cat and Dog Go to the Beach

Throughout this last year, I have enjoyed reading a variety of beautiful stories on the Daily Gathering; we read and discussed the story of a rabbit who desired to be real, a Mermaid who sought an immortal soul, and a cowboy who lassoed a tornado. These, and many other stories, have brought the participants into a world of fairies and giants, witches and kings, and wonder and joy; they have taught the students how to attend through imagination, narration, discussion, and comparison.

This last month, participants were given the opportunity to write their own stories. They all wrote well crafted and creative stories, a testament to the power of reading stories. We at CiRCE enjoyed reading each of the submissions, and carefully selected three stories to publish on this blog.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

Larissa, Daily Gathering Host

Cat and Dog Go to the Beach

By Reagan Gilmore

April 1, 2021 (1st Grade)

Cat is riding in a car. Cat is sad.

Dog is riding in the car. Dog is happy.

Cat and Dog are going to the beach. Cat doesn’t like the beach. She doesn’t like sand and she doesn’t like water. Dog is excited because there is lots of room to play catch and splash in wavy water. Dog runs out of the car wanting to sniff all of the new things at the beach. Cat got out of the car because she didn’t have a choice; the car was too hot. Dog runs to the water and then hops in. Dog finds a shell. A hermit crab crawls out slowly. Dog runs out of the water. He was scared. He sniffs the hermit crab. They become friends.

Dog runs back to the car and gets Cat’s bed so she wouldn’t be sad. Cat loves the bed. Cat likes to play with dog. Hermit Crab likes to play with them. Hermit Crab gets the cat’s play mouse and swings it by her. Cat catches it and now it is Dog’s turn to swing it for Cat. Cat catches it. Then Cat wants to swing it by Dog. She swings it for Dog. Dog catches it. Then Cat let the Hermit Crab use the mouse as his bed.

Hermit Crab has to go home to his hermit crab friends. Now Cat and Dog are sad so they build a sandcastle together. They are happy because they still have each other.

They have to go home, but they are still happy because they can come to the beach again. Cat is thankful to Dog for helping her be happy.

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