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This week, CiRCE podcasts contemplated Graham Green’s The End of the Affair, caring for others and the modern man, and Shakespeare’s play As You Like It. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review, wherever you like to listen to podcasts!

Close Reads – The End of the Affair: Book 2

In this week’s episode, David, Heidi, and Tim discuss the likability (or lack thereof) of Maurice Bendrix, the protagonist of The End of the Affair; the way the book demands empathy from its reader; Green’s consideration of sex, lust, and sin; and much more, of course.

Close Reads – The End of the Affair: Part One

Proverbial, Episode 26 – Stars

This week’s proverb comes to us by way of Dr. Samuel Johnson and it goes like this: “He that considers how little he dwells upon the condition of others will learn how little the attention of others is attracted by himself.” Join Joshua Gibbs as he contemplates what this proverb has to say to modern men and women.

The Daily Poem

Thursday, May 14: Walt Whitman’s “A Noiseless Patient Spider”

Wednesday, May 13: Bayard Taylor “A Night with a Wolf”

Tuesday, May 12: Katherine Larson’s “Metamorphoses”

Monday, May 11: Robert Pinsky’s “Poem with lines in any order”

The Play’s the Thing

As You Like It: Bonus Episode

As You Like It: Act V

As You Like It: Act IV

As You Like It: Act III

As You Like It: Act II

As You Like It: Act I

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