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Save Image, Save the World

You know how we all have those people in our lives who are guiding lights? The folks who point us in the right direction, who provide inspiration and motivation; the folks who say “hey you, look here, this will make your life better”?

Well for a long time the fine folks over at Image Journal (the leader of whom spoke recently at a CiRCE conference) have been that for us. And they need some help.

Here’s the full story, but the basics go something like this:

Every summer IMAGE puts on a wonderful event called the Glen Workshop, a gathering of artists, thinkers, teachers, etc., intent on cultivating thoughtful discernment about art-making and art-consuming. It’s one of the great events anywhere, anytime. Some day we want to go as a staff. Well, this year IMAGE called upon a third-party to help them process registrations for this event. But when the time came for this company to pay-up the money wasn’t there. All $65,000 they were owed. Apparently this third party didn’t have the cash on hand to pay IMAGE and they have no intention of doing so. In fact, they seemed to have stopped communicating with IMAGE altogether!

So naturally that left IMAGE with a significant shortfall. As a non-profit, they rely heavily on the funds generated by those event registrations, thus making their immediate future at risk.

To eliminate this risk IMAGE has launched a short-term fundraising campaign. They’re hoping to raise $25,000 this week to allow them to confidently move forward this fall with their many valuable programs.

Please consider helping out our friends. They’re doing necessary, wonderful work up there in Seattle. And, hey, maybe while you’re at it you’ll discover a new guiding light.

The IMAGE folks like to say that beauty will save the world. Well they’re doing a lot of work promoting and producing such beauty, so as far as I’m concerned if you help save IMAGE you’ll help save the world.

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