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A Painful Hook

This year’s senior class at Veritas yesterday completed the presentation and defense portions of the thesis program. The best introduction, the best hook, was this one…

This is a tale of two students: one who starts his senior year today at Buffalo’s Emerson School of Hospitality in New York, one of the district’s better schools. He got all 80s and 90s last year and wound up averaging 90.69 while doing well on state English exams. The other student scored near the bottom nationally on the SAT, ranking in the 21st percentile in reading, the 10th percentile in math, and the 31st percentile in writing, and fared just slightly better in statewide comparisons. On the essay, where scores range from 20 to 80, he managed only a 42. Clearly, this student is going to find it hard to compete. And guess what? We’re talking about the same student.

The subject of her thesis? Grade inflation in American high schools.

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