Georgia, we're bringing our regional conference your way!

A Note of Thanks

Every year we receive scholarship requests from educators who want to attend our conference but who simply cannot afford it. We understand, and it has always been our goal to be able to provide financial aid. Unfortunately, the nature of the conference has prohibited this. We do our best to keep the costs down and make the event at least somewhat affordable, but as of yet we’ve been unable to provide much direct financial aid. But that changed this year, thanks to our new friends at The Academy, an innovative new program from Houston Baptist University designed to provide university level dual-enrollment opportunities for homeschoolers and classical schools.

Thanks to their generous sponsorship, we were able to offer two full scholarships to the conference, a solid step in the right direction. Please join us in thanking the good folks at The Academy and HBU for partnering with us in this endeavor. We are grateful.

Through The Academy at Houston Baptist University, students can earn college credit while enhancing, rather than compromising, the ethos and pedagogy of classical education. Unique to dual-enrollment programs, The Academy is committed to integrated humanities courses centered on reading and discussing the primary texts of Western Civilization.

Partnership with The Academy brings with it unique opportunities for both classical schools and homeschoolers:

  • Classical schools can provide students with college credit, using the school’s own curriculum
  • and teachers, in partnership with Academy faculty.
  • Individual families can participate in The Academy’s fully accredited, online program that
  • provides both high school and college credit in each class.
  • Schools and families alike will learn from and engage with leaders in university-level
  • classical education, such as Dr. John Mark Reynolds, founder of the Torrey Honors Institute, Dr. Robert Stacey and Dr. Gary Hartenburg of the Honors College at HBU, and Dr. Steven Jones, chair of Classics at HBU.
  • The Academy provides teachers and parents with opportunities for vocational development
  • through personalized in-service and national conferences with The Academy faculty, HBU, and organization partners.

The Academy offers transferable college credit at 20% of the national average for private university tuition. Students will build a college transcript they can take wherever they choose to go to college. Through The Academy, students carefully read the primary works of the watershed thinkers in the Western tradition and interact with their instructor and fellow students in an discussion-based, student-driven, dynamic Socratic classroom environment. They are currently accepting inquiries for Fall 2013 (on a limited basis) and Fall 2014 partnerships. Contact them at or by calling 281-649-3661.

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