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New College Franklin

For Teachers and Parents:

Often after we help our students begin their lifelong pursuit of learning , we find that after high school our options for continuing a classical education are limited. CiRCE has showcased many fine options for student’s graduating from high school including several classical colleges and John Hodges’ delightful gap year program The Center for Western Studies.

One of the newer colleges in this tradition is New College Franklin in lovely Franklin, TN. You can take a look at their brochure here:

My favorite picture in this brochure is the student on the back cover standing by the stack of books read. I am sold on the college just looking at the picture. But in fact, I loved the college already because I have great respect for the men who started it- Dr. George Grant and Composer Greg Wilbur. Dr. Grant has taken his vision of following in Thomas Chalmers footsteps seriously and like Chalmers, Dr. Grant started a college-New College Franklin. He did this after starting Franklin Classical School, one of the first classical schools in the country and recording his humanity lectures there for schools and homeschools under the name of King’s Meadow Curriculum which I have used for over 10 years.

Greg Wilbur continues to compose church music while administering and teaching at NCF and leading the music at Cornerstone Pres. in Franklin. Two of my favorite CDs, the ones that make it on to my phone are from Greg-Christ is Our Cornerstone and My Cry Ascends. These music files play in our home almost every Sunday morning. Wes King calls Greg a humble genius and I concur.

New College Franklin is having a prospective student weekend coming up quickly. If you can attend I think you will have a great weekend because in addition Franklin also has several fantastic restaurants.

Last week I attended the NCF Joseph Pearce event and had some gumbo to boot. Both the lecture and the gumbo made the 2 ½ hour drive worth the trouble even in the sleet

Here is the information from Greg Wilbur:

We have a spring Prospective Student weekend coming up. We will be hosting visitors from February 20-22.

In addition to seminars and sample classes, guests will also attend a public Collegium lecture, an evening concert, have opportunity to talk and eat with students, faculty and board members, hang out with students, and hopefully attend church and get to know the community. Folks are welcome to stay for regular classes on Monday, February 23 as well.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in our discipleship focused Liberal Arts education, would you please consider letting them know about this opportunity?

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