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Honor to Whom Honor (but not enough)

I have hardly been able to write blogs for the past few months because of how busy we’ve been here at CiRCE and one of the things that has been consuming my mind and energy is this update to LTW.

Over the last day or two I’ve both drawn back to look at the whole project and drilled deep on some details. I have to tell you, self-serving as it might sound, this improvement is amazing. Leah Lutz has been in charge of the project and we might have to pay a lot for the monument over her tomb when she finally can’t take it any more, but it will be worth every penny.

The Lesson Guides are crisp, clear, focused and obvious. The worksheets are smooth as silk. The assessment guide has received high praise.

This is a major overhaul based on something like five years of feedback to the 4th edition and about ten years of feedback to each edition plus another ten years of development before it ever reached publication. You’ll see so many improvements you’ll be inclined to sing your way through your teaching.

Right around the third lesson, your students/children will start to love it too.

Even the formatting and design are beautiful.

My main point is to sing the praises of Leah for her leadership and development skills, David and Graeme for formatting and design brilliance, Renee and Camille for hours and hours of writing, revising, and sampling, every apprentice or teacher who has ever used LTW and given us feedback, and the now thousands of students who have proven over and over again that they can write and think a lot better than they’ve been told they can.

We love criticism and this 5th edition will show you why.

Order it as soon as you can, and when you do, join the LTW Mentor just so you can send a thank you note to Leah and the team. They totally earned it!

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