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Classical Q&A with Dr. Chris Perrin

You have questions. He has answers. Send us your questions about classical education for Dr. Chris Perrin of Classical Academic Press and on June 17th we will record a video conversation in which Dr. Perrin responds to a selected number of those questions. We will then post that video here on our website’s media library.

Please send your questions in the comment section below.


Christopher Perrin has been a part of the classical education movement for the last 13 years: as a headmaster (and Latin teacher) of a classical, Christian school in Pennsylvania and as a publisher, author and consultant with Classical Academic Press. He also serves with the Institute for Classical Schools, an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting classical, Christian education in the US and abroad. His love of classical education began in college as a classics minor. He continued to study Latin and Greek through college and graduate school, studying at St. Johns College and Westminster Seminary in California and Philadelphia. Chris holds a B.A. in history, a M.Div and a Ph.D. (theology/apologetics). Christopher is the author of An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents. He is also the author of Greek For Children Primer A and the Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, and is a co-author of the Latin for Children series. He is married to Christine Perrin, a poet and teacher at Messiah College. They have three children and live near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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