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Announcing Summer Institute Scholarships

The CiRCE Summer Institute is one of our newest events but it’s fast becoming one of our favorites. Truth is, it’s hard to beat the kind of discussion, camaraderie, and community that comes with small group discussion of a great book in a beautiful setting. We wish everyone could come, but that would defeat the purpose of a small group retreat. That’s why we limit attendance to just fifteen seats.

Of course, we know that the Summer Institute not an inexpensive event and, while we work to keep our costs down, we simply can’t budge any further. Yet so many of you are deserving and would love to be able to attend but simply can’t swing it financially.

So to (at least partially) remedy that situation we’ve reached out to a couple of our partners – The Institute for Excellence in Writing and Rivendell Sanctuary – to help us establish two scholarships for the event. We’re excited and grateful to be able to announce that they’ve agreed to join the cause.

  • The first scholarship is the Oddyseus Scholarship, intended for a deserving homeschooling parent, and is sponsored by IEW.
  • The second scholarship, new this year, is the Aeneas Scholarship, intended for a deserving school teacher, and is sponsored by Rivendell.

Each scholarship will cover the entire portion of the retreat’s $1250 fees.

Please join us in thanking these two wonderful organizations for generously making these scholarships possible.

Here are the rules (and we ask that you strictly adhere to them):

  • You cannot nominate yourself
  • Nominations must be submitted by a colleague, employee, or family member of the nominee
  • Your nominee must be nominated in the appropriate category (homeschooler or school teacher)
  • You must fill out the form completely

We will accept nominees through Tuesday, March 18th. Winners will be announced on Monday, March 31st.

Questions? Email David Kern.


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