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January 20, 2021

A Literary Approach to Teaching the Bible: Part 2

Formation of Imagination As Classical educators we believe that literature forms the imagination of students, and this conviction is at its truest in the Bible classroom. Through Scripture students imaginatively enter into the reality of the Biblical characters: the pain of loneliness and of long journeys, the loss of family and betrayal of friends, but …

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On Corporate Hell-Speak

Reporter: What are your company’s core values? CEO: Community. Community is very important. Reporter: Any others? CEO: Yes. Openness is a big one. So are transparency, diversity, mindfulness, leadership, hope, service, charity, responsibility, stewardship, trust, partnership, strength, power, bottom-up-fullness, flexibility— Reporter: Bottom-up-fullness? CEO: But also top-down-fullness. Top-down-fullness is actually a really big one. Over the …

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