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Great Hearts Academies seeking Headmasters

Great Hearts Academies, the national leader in public, classical liberal arts education, is seeking visionary and energetic school leaders for new and established K-5 and 6-12 schools in Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee.

Great Hearts believes that rigorous liberal arts education, grounded in the best of the Western tradition and delivered in a tuition-free, public charter setting, is the key to redeeming American culture. After a decade building a high-performing network of public charter schools serving over 6,000 students in Arizona, Great Hearts is poised to embark on a new phase of regional and national expansion and is looking for a cohort of the best school leaders in the country who embrace a classical and liberal philosophy of education.

Applicants should have relevant leadership experience, demonstrable excellence in classroom teaching, and a well-grounded moral vision of the human person. Candidates must be immersed in the principles of classical liberal education, and should possess an academic background consistent with Great Hearts Academies’ exclusive focus on the intellectual tradition of the Western world. He or she must have the vision, energy, and communication skills to be a commanding presence in the community and an eloquent spokesperson for the Great Hearts liberal arts mission. Candidates should possess a Master’s degree or above in the liberal arts or a specific academic subject (e.g. history, mathematics, literature, physics, classics); professional degrees or certificates in education or administration are not preferred.

For more information visit our website – – or contact Kiann Mapes, Chief Talent Officer,

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