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April 2012 Podcast: Cindy Rollins

In the April 2012 edition of Quiddity, the CiRCE Podcast, I had the really fun opportunity to interview Cindy Rollins. Cindy is a regular contributor to our website and blogs here.

Cindy has more than 20 years experience as a homeschooler and therefore has a wealth of knowledge (very nearly second to none!). In this conversation we discussed good books for children grades 7 and under, some of which are classics of which you’ve probably heard (Little House On the Prairie) and others are works with which you may not be so familiar (the works of John Buchan and Little Britches).

Cindy has some really interesting things to say about those Little House books (some bold claims) and about how to deal with questionable language in children’s literature.

So sit back – or run or drive or however you listen – and enjoy.

April 2012 Podcast – Cindy Rollins

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