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Truth and Practicality

When you know the truth, you are set free because you can exercise judgment. A person without judgment is ruled by others, whether that be in a specific discipline or in life.

When you learn a technique, you only know the technique. You are a slave to the technique until you can see the truth it embodies. If it does not embody a truth (and many techniques don’t), then you are doing harm by using the technique.

I read this on another blog that I don’t care to draw attention to:

Remember, comrades, it is only bourgeois truth that is concerned with actual facts. Revolutionary truth is concerned with what advances the revolution. That is the truth we should be embracing.

I will skip the fact that only a college educated person could have so much pride in a position so ignorant and simplistic and only point out that he has expressed the heart and soul of “practicality”, whether secular, religious, or merely tribal. Those who want to operate at the practical level and don’t have time to be troubled by what they call theories, a phrasing by which they have been seduced into disregarding truth, are tools of one revolution or another.

Have fun.

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