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January 19, 2011

Loughner and Nothing

On Sixty Minutes on Sunday night, they interviewed a couple friends of assassin Jared Loughner. The thing that leapt out at me was when they described Loughner’s beliefs and motive. They said that he believed in “nothing,” and stressed that they didn’t mean he didn’t believe in anything, but that he believed in nothing. His …

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Last Child Left Behind with a Disorder

Our best efforts at sound and honest thinking are needed for the well-being of our communities for two reasons. First, people are deeply invested in thinking to their own advantage, which leads to destructive thought. Second, we are people. Consequently, good and sound ideas are continually abused for political or economic advantages. Recently, I have …

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Still Paying

Image via Wikipedia I have long believed that the abomination of race-chattel slavery continues to destroy our country. It’s one of those ideas that, once considered, evidence accrues everywhere. Slavery cost us our moral balance. You can see this is things like legal racial preferences, first because many, many people believe they are necessary, and …

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