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January 13, 2011

Hitler Youth Revived?

I’ve heard the term “chilling” applied a zillion times over the last few years. Here is the mother of all chilling videos. watch?v=8fSvyv0urTE&feature=player_embedded


Certain principles precede thought, and a person who does not believe these principles is dangerous. Truth is. Truth is knowable. Truth can be communicated. Only a foolish society would give any power at all to a person who denies these three axioms. Truth comes from the same root as troth and carries in its soul …

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Freud’s Roots

Image via Wikipedia From a Primer of Freudian Psychology by Calvin S. Hall: Freud’s long life, from 1856 to 1939, spans one of the most creative periods in the history of science. The same year that the three-year-old Freud was taken by his family to Vienna saw the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. …

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