Introducing the newest Internet Venture from the CiRCE Institute:

CLASSICALBLOGGERS.COM is an effort at community, conversation, and contemplation. The writers you meet there are teachers, consultants, homeschooling parents, business owners, and curricula developers, each of them, in their own settings seeking to ascertain more deeply what classical education is and how it is best taught. They are not content with our world’s educational status quo and therefore they seek change. But if change is to come we must come to an effective, wise alternative. And that’s where the conversation and contemplation come in. The writings you find there are a collective attempt at discovering what that alternative should like. We don’t assume to have all the answers nor to be in possession of a perfect alternative. But we do believe that education should be about the cultivation of the soul and not about filling heads with knowledge. As teachers and parents we believe our job is to cultivate a fully human child. We believe