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A letter to the families of graduating seniors

Editor’s Note: We have long been fans of the work done by The Intercollegiate Studies Institute. If you have been to one of our conferences – or even to our online store – you have seen their materials featured prominently, especially the wonderful books published by ISI Books, one of the best publishers you’ll find anywhere. ISI is dedicated to the idea of “educating for liberty” and we are proud to be partners with them in that endeavor. As your high school seniors graduate and head off to the “real world”, to university and college campuses that too often do not affirm the classical, Christian tradition in which you have raised them it is important that they find an educational light that will guide them as you have guided them, that will continue to foster the work in them that you have begun. It is crucial that the seeds you planted continue to be watered. ISI can be that light, they can provide that water. And so we asked the good folks at ISI to write an introductory letter to you and your graduating students. We hope you will join us in partnering with them and that, like the thousands of college students who have been inspired and encouraged by ISI in past years, you and your families will be watered.

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From The Intercollegiate Studies Institute to the graduating class of 2011:

You have had the good fortune to have CiRCE as your educational companion. Because of this high-quality formation, you will arrive on campus better prepared than most of your peers. You will immediately benefit from being a self-directed, independent thinker confident in making wise choices in challenging circumstances.

As you begin the next phase of your educational career, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) is ready to be your next educational partner.

Having worked with hundreds of thousands of students over six decades, ISI knows that the surest way to get the education you deserve, one that will truly prepare you for whatever success you aspire to, is to take charge of your college experience right from the beginning.

We can’t emphasize how important it is to do this or how real the pitfalls are if you don’t.

Statistically, you’re likely to come out of college believing that rejection of certainty is the hallmark of a mature intellect, that the principles that animate Western civilization are outdated or unjust, and that even with hard work and perseverance, it’s just too hard to succeed anymore. Even at “good” schools where traditional morality and first principles are not openly ridiculed, most students have no idea how these core ideas protect our liberties and secure our happiness.

Since 1953 ISI has been transmitting the ideas central to a free society and the broader narrative of the West. From this experience we know a simple truth: our work changes students’ lives, often profoundly.

Countless ISI alumni—Supreme Court justices, CEOs, opinion makers, professors, lawyers, military officers, university presidents, congressmen, and on and on—cite the pivotal influence of ISI on their lives.

That is because ISI connects you with a network of like-minded students and professors and offers unmatched resources, including free publications, graduate fellowships, undergraduate honors fellowships, journalism internships, and scholarships to participate in ISI conferences and seminars.

Far from being an additional burden, taking part in ISI is tremendously stimulating, immediately rewarding, and a lot of fun.

Though it costs nothing to join ISI, what you gain is invaluable. Finding your way in a complicated world will require more than just a degree. Your college will give you a diploma; ISI will give you an education.

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