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A Nation at Risk

I’ll have more to say on this soon, but I am honored and pleased to welcome Peter Vandebrake to the CiRCE writer’s bloc. This marks his first post, and you’ll be hearing a great deal more from him as he has joined the CiRCE team as our Leadership Consultant. Over to Peter (as I said, I’ll have more to say soon!):

In the Preface to the 1990 Edition of Noms and Nobility, David Hicks states:

“We are a nation at risk, but not simply because our children cannot read and write, or keep up with the Japanese, or think and talk intelligently about the basic ideas of our intellectual tradition. We are at risk because modern pedagogy has severed the vital link between knowing and doing, because the moral marrow of who we are and of what our purposes are is being schooled out of our children, because we have become uncertain of our norms and have abandoned education’s transcendent and ennobling ends.”

He argues that the primary reason we are a nation at risk is because modern pedagogy has severed the “vital link” between knowing and doing.

Is this “vital link” basically the belief that to know the good is to do the good?

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