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Congratulations to St. Jerome’s School in Hyattsville, MD

There is a very fine discussion on NPR about my friends at St. Jerome’s in suburban Washington. St. Jerome’s is a Catholic school that has turned itself around and gained momentum by turning to the classical tradition and it’s a beautiful thing they are doing. When I spent three days with them last summer I knew immediately I was in the presence of seriously devoted teachers and thinkers dedicated to understanding the riches of the tradition we classical educators feed on.

The Washington Post also ran an article about St. Jerome’s last week. Kudos and congratulations to you, Mary Pat and team!!

“Classical” education aims to include instruction on the virtues and a love of truth, goodness and beauty in ordinary lesson plans. Students learn the arts, sciences and literature starting with classical Greek and Roman sources. Wisdom and input from ancient church fathers, Renaissance theologians and even Mozart — whose music is sometimes piped into the classrooms to help students concentrate better — is worked in.

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