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April 22, 2010

The Round Pen

Yesterday morning I exchanged replies with a parent who was concerned that my assignment translated into a form of punishment. The assignment required the students to correct a wrong answer by rewriting it 10 times. In the next week or so I will ask the questions again to repeat the assessment. Is this appropriate, and …

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Trying to Thank

Renee Mathis is completing her second year as a CiRCE Institute apprentice and is one year away from achieving the status of a CiRCE certified master teacher of classical Rhetoric. For two years she has been teaching The Lost Tools of Writing, but that doesn’t begin to describe her work for and on Level II. …

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Family and State

American society seems to have undergone a fracture down its center, and that center is the family. Here’s Allan Bloom from his The Closing of the American Mind: The immediate and reliable love of one’s own property, wife and children can more effectively counterpoise purely individual selfishness than does the distant and abstract love of …

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