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Why The Republicans Might be Disappointed on Tuesday and Why Every American Should be Angry if It Happens

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I know you are all wondering what I think is going to happen Tuesday in the election. Here’s my prediction: The Republicans will win about 50 seats but will only be awarded about 48 of them.

Why the discrepancy?

Voting machines. I’ve been reading in various places about voting machines that are flipping votes to the Democratic party when people vote Republican. No surprise, in the cases I’ve read about (a few counties in NC and some in NV) the voting machines are made and managed by companies whose unions heavily support the Democratic party.

If this eventuality occurs, we will see but probably not notice that our fundamental right as citizens of a republic has been corrupted. In my opinion, this is adequate justification for civil disobedience because it will bring explicitly into question the legitimacy of our government.

Also, in my opinion, it is foolish to trust voting machines with our votes. All voting should be manual and on paper ballots. Mistakes will happen that way, but they’ll tend to even out.

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